Our Mission

The main hallway seems empty after the students get in their class rooms.

The mission of Independence Mission Schools is to provide a transformative Catholic education that develops students intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and that provides children of all faiths with the opportunity to learn in an academically rigorous environment and to grow in a culture of love, setting them on the path to a promising future.

As part of the Independence Mission Schools (IMS) network of 14 Catholic schools, St. Malachy Catholic School is living out the IMS mission through the expression of the St. Malachy School Creed, which our students, parents and teachers recite each morning: “I am St. Malachy. I am inspired by my faith and community to be my true self, to continually improve, and to encourage others to be their best selves. I am on the path to graduating college. We are St. Malachy Proud!”

St. Malachy School Vision

In recognition of God in all people, we commit to creating an environment of trust where we are able to be our true selves, continually improve, and compel others to be their best selves. We do this out of our shared belief that by serving one another we are serving God. In doing this we are the face of God to one another.

The school culture we create, knowing our students and developing our teachers, is what allows us to move our students. Together, members of our community—students, parents, teachers, and staff—are united in our pursuit of improving the academic paths of our students so that every student is on or above grade level within 3 years of setting foot on our campus and on the path to graduating college.

Students love learning; they work hard, have a sense of purpose, are excited by challenges and proud to be their true selves. They are curious and value the process of learning; they know they are capable of it. We are part of a community of trust. Our school feels safe. It is a place where we can take risks and everyone has a vested interest in one another. We work together, support one another and have a collective accountability and responsibility to meet these ambitious goals for students and ourselves.

Teachers at St. Malachy are committed to continual growth—for our students and for ourselves. We are a community of teachers who set goals, get to know ourselves as practitioners and celebrate one another’s accomplishments. We believe in one another, our students, our families and our community. Together we are better.

Parents, students and teachers all know where our students are strong and where they’re working to develop. Parents are resources and partners in the process. Together we utilize data to find successes and recognize gaps, and together we set goals for our students based what we know about them and with an eye towards the high expectations we have for them.

Our school is deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition and the education is intentionally delivered to children of all faiths in a culture of high expectations with accompanying high support. We believe this model will set these children on the path to a successful future and life.

We seek to prove what is possible in urban Catholic education, bearing the fruit of more than 150 years of commitment by the St. Malachy community in North Philadelphia.

St. Malachy School Creed

I am St. Malachy.

I am inspired by my faith and community to be my true self,

to continually improve, and to encourage others to be their best selves.

I am on a path to graduating college.

I am St. Malachy Proud!