Tuition + Financial Aid

Scholarships and Income-Based Financial Aid Available!

St. Malachy is a tuition-based school where your family can receive financial assistance. We can provide you with a better idea of what you can expect to pay with a “Good Faith” estimate during your school tour so you won’t have to wait until financial aid is awarded.

Financial Aid

With the help of generous benefactors and local businesses, St. Malachy is able to provide a high-quality Catholic education to prepare your child for success today and in the future. Families in need will receive tuition assistance based on the following criteria:

  • Annual household income
  • Number of children
  • Other extenuating factors that affect your family’s finances

Financial assistance is available through several scholarship programs. Financial aid forms must be filled out online during the enrollment process. Scholarship awards are based on:

  • Verification of income
  • Completion of necessary forms
  • Submission of ALL required documents
  • Meeting all deadlines

The earlier you enroll and apply for financial aid, the better your chances are of securing scholarships for your student.

Children’s Scholarship Fund

Parents are also encouraged to apply for scholarships from Children’s Scholarship Fund — Philadelphia ( ). There is no application fee, and the lottery form can be filled out on their site.  The deadline is March 1st each year.  If you are already a Children’s Scholarship Fund recipient, you can apply to go to St. Malachy School.

Worth the Investment!

St. Malachy Families and Parents overwhelmingly agree that the academics, nurturing environment, and community of support you and your family will receive as members of St. Malachy school are worth the investment!